Scholarship Programme

Our Philosophy

In line with our mission, this is to improve the quality and equity in education. Our role becomes critical in assisting leaners from severely impoverished backgrounds. Their learning environments and circumstances are major impediments upon their success in school and when they do manage to succeed (even slightly), it is a major accomplishment given their prevailing circumstances.

It is on this premise that we strongly believe children coming from severely impoverished backgrounds where the culture of learning and excelling is virtually non-existent, but still manage to get through and pass; should not be put on the same scale as those who have better opportunities.

The rules and standards cannot be the same and we need to find ways of accommodating and nurturing them. Side-lining them with stringent selection criterion only means that they should not be assisted while their privileged counterparts can continue to get funding assistance.

These learners’ results are often not good enough for University studies, but sufficient for FET College studies and offering them some funding assistance for FET College studies means that we are equipping them with a skill that can be utilized within the workforce.

The very few that manage to get into university often don’t have good enough results to get into the study fields often prescribed by the bulk of available bursaries such as; engineering, medicine, accounting/economics, actuarial science etc.

They’ve only got good enough results to be accepted into university and study something that is in-line with their accumulated admission points.
Currently we do not accommodate such learners, focusing only on those that have done well, probably those that had conducive learning environments enabling them to succeed. We plead with corporate South Africa and other donors to consider accommodating and making a portion of their funds available to such learners.

Our Model and Process

Scholarship Pillar

On-going Mentorship and Development of selected learners

Attend University Preparation Camp

  • Facilitate workshops on the following:
  • Identity and Self-awareness
  • Leadership
  • Stress management
  • Study Skills
  • Planning and goal setting

Meet with Mentor Regularly

Scholarship recipients get allocated a mentor who will meet with them at least once every two months to help ease the transition into a higher institution of learning and to provide on-going emotional support, guidance and direction.

Mid-year Camp

  • Facilitate workshops on the following:
  • Self-motivation and self-discipline
  • Study methods and skills