Career Guidance and Counselling

Career Guidance

The workshops are centred around bringing awareness about the different career opportunities that exist out there by categorizing them according to faculties as per the university standards. This process is designed so as to easily direct the pupils to their preferred fields of study and the requirements thereof e.g. compulsory required learning areas, required minimum pass mark for each learning area, general higher education entrance requirements and the minimum admission point requirements), amongst many other things we touch on, we also do a self-assessment activity that reveals each pupil’s personality type according to the six broad areas of interest (realistic, artistic, investigative, social, enterprising and conventional.) Each area of interest presents pupils with a host of careers to choose from, but one that resonates with their personality type. Aids learner in being more self-aware thus helping in their career decision making process thus minimising:

  • University dropping out and failure
  • Dissatisfaction with career choice

The career service involves:

A career consultation with a counsellor

Psychometric testing exploring:

  • Personality
  • Aptitude
  • Interests
  • Values

Intended Outcomes

  • Enable Grade 9 learners to make well informed decisions about learning area choices for Grade 10 as these will have an impact on the fields of study they will select or go into after Grade 12. Introduce FET Colleges, Universities and funding opportunities that are available to study further.
  • To enlighten learners on various career opportunities.
  • To assist learners to develop career self-awareness.
  • To assist learners to develop effective career decision-making skills before setting career goals and making definite plans.
  • To help learners in coming up with personal career goals.
  • To help learners to choose and proceed on an optimal career path, based on the learner’s ability, desire and available opportunities.
  • To facilitate learner’s potential, to equip them with functional knowledge, values and attitudes, desirable habits and skills needed by them to follow through on the plans and goals they have set up for themselves.