Capital School Infrastructure Programme


School Infrastructure Programmes:

  • School Expansion Programme – Building more classes, buying mobile classes, school refurbishments
  • School Furniture – desks, chairs, mats, book shelves, storage cabinets, staff room furniture.
  • Amenities – running water, electricity, toilets, libraries, sporting facilities, computer & science labs.

School infrastructure is everything from electricity, toilets, safe buildings, libraries, computer rooms, safe classrooms, sports halls and fields, laboratories for science experiments, running water and fencing. Without these things, a school is constrained in working as efficiently as it should. School infrastructure is vital when we consider the fact that infrastructure resources impact on how well teachers are able to teach and learners are able to learn. Learners attending schools with better infrastructure tend to perform better than learners who come from schools with not enough resources. The most recent government report on school infrastructure in South Africa, called the NEIMS report, found that in 2011, of all public schools in South Africa: Only 7% have libraries. About 500 schools are built out of totally unsafe structures. These are the mud schools. They are mainly in the Eastern Cape.

  • 3, 544 have no electricity supply
  • 2, 402 have no water supply
  • 11 450 still use pit-latrine toilets
  • 90% have no stocked computer centres
  • 95% of public schools have no stocked and functioning laboratories.