Keeping Girls in School: One pad at a time!

Akhani Education in conjunction with Prologocter and Gamble will be launching the first phase of Keeping Girls in School Programme in the Eastern Cape in October this year. Having realised that girls attending school in several remote rural areas reported staying at home the entire length of their periods due to fear of soiling themselves in the presence of others. It is common to find that girls from impoverished rural areas have no experience with sanitary pads. The usual practice being the use of discarded cloth, which the girls felt did not offer enough protection on the long walks to school, which in turn, prompted them to stay at home. Girls are missing about three days a month because of menstrual cramping, which is 36 days a year.  pg_logo_il

We call upon everyone who resonates with this cause to contribute either financially or by giving away sanitary pads to be distributed to the young, rural girls. We do not only distribute the sanitary pads, we conduct mini-workshops where we talk to the girls about, puberty, menstruation, contraceptives, pregnancy etc. Let us join hands and make a difference where we can.

“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing anything for anybody.” – Malcom Bane-